What is Attracting Me right now??

Have you ever wondered how your one thought can change the way you lead your life.

Ask yourself – what is that attracting you right now??

Is it a good thing or a bad one?
Are you happy about what you have or are you distressed?
Is your love life complete or are you still figuring out your relations?
Is your job giving you happiness or has it turned into freight?

Hopefully by now you might be having answers of all your thoughts. Let me now reveal the power of your THOUGHTS..!!

Did you know: The thought that you emit can create wonders. A small positive thought can change your day and a negative can change your week.

Are you surprised by the gulf???

If not. then you should be. Positive thought lasts for a lesser time then negative one. The frequency at which our mind emits negative thought is double than a positive one.

Recently I discovered a Secret to deal with all the havoc which is effused from our mind. The battle between the positive and negative can be controlled by yourself.

As rightly said by Rhonda Byrne “We are the master of our thoughts”

What we think eventually comes to us, may it be positive or negative. One small thought is like a drop of water in a barren land. It’s difficult to control your thoughts but definitely not impossible. There’s a 3 step process to rule our thoughts.

  1. Ask
  2. Believe
  3. Receive

Whenever you seem to have a gloomy thought immediately ask yourself is this what you want and if not then divert your mind. Think about all the good things that has happened with you, think of all the future plans, think of having a happy to go life. Your inner conscience has a lot of power. Half of the problems can be solved by just asking yourself.

Once you know what you want start believing in it. Have a belief that you have already procured it. Optimistic attitude towards your wish draws it closer to you. If you are sorted with this belief in yourself ultimately you will receive what you want.

And at the End, Always RULE your Mind and Never let your Mind RULE you.

Your thoughts are like Shooting Stars, make a wish and it will be all yours.

Real Magic is hidden inside you, hunt for it in right direction.




Because the Wait never Ends..!!

It’s been 4 years 38 minutes ever since we departed ways he uttered in his mind.

It all started on the first day of their college. She stood out of her lavish car perfectly dressed in a white shirt and a denim jeans. A dusky girl with black shining hair and a fright in her eyes. In a mob of hundreds her eyes seemed to find someone, someone who could hold her hand and make her feel that everything is going to be fine. And it was the time when he had already fallen for her.

From being classmates and exchanging notes, they became friends. Within no time they turned up to be best friends. Somewhere down the lane there was something between them, something which they dint spoke about, but they knew they had started loving each other.

With passing months, they confessed their feelings for each other. Her madness and his maturity made them the most adorable one’s. Their relation was like a river, calm and deep. Everything just appeared to be perfect, things changed only when the college ended. They knew long distance would be a challenge for them and that they had to face it.

They tried to fight against the physical distance but it wasn’t so easy as they had expected it to be. Soon daily messages and video calls turned into a blue moon call. They realized it wasn’t subtle, the charm had flown far away. He was still hopeful, for him she was the first and the last girl that he could ever dream his life with.

The real storm hit their relation when she decided to quit. For her love wasn’t enough, she loved him but she knew that it was not enough for a life long togetherness. He never asked her to give a try .Deep inside he knew that the wound cannot be healed.

Today, when all the memories gush in his mind, his heart still has a hope.

A Hope of loving her all again,

A Hope of holding her hands,

A Hope of never departing again….

And to that he kept on saying : “I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything

~Love Forever..!!

And It’s my Fable..

Hurricane ..!! ‘I am 25‘ she realized, while she was in midst of her fairy tale dreams.

With this appal she woke up in fright,the sun beamed upon her face, her gaze was locked onto the cloudless sky, her heartbeats ran at the speed of a shooting star and her body was damp.Moving out of her fantasized world was the last thing she thought she could achieve.

She relaxed for a while , and just when her heartbeats sank a little, she exclaimed :

I can still be in my fancy world..There’s no one to stop me yet..I am 25 but that does not stop me from dreaming of a world which belongs to ME..!!” 

Right from her childhood she had always heard about A Perfect Life, Future Castle, Sand dunes, Prince Charming and so on. All this beautiful tales made her feel that she could possibly build a castle of her dreams.

She always saw people giving gloomy opinions about “Fairy tale world and blooming Fantasies”. Everyone around, poked her for accepting the fact that “Fairy tale is a MYTH, and she should better stop dreaming about it.” But for her it wasn’t so.

For her it wasn’t a fabricated fable, but it was more of reality. Although she thought of things which were way out of her world, but it was all about how dreams and imaginations could be turned into truth. She was emotional about her fancy imaginations but she was strong.She knew practical world might be different from virtual but she was ready to accept it.

A girl with fierce, a girl with sensitive mind and a girl with polite heart.She was a perfect combination of everything that could be asked for. She always had a belief:

“Fairy tale or the Imaginations or the Fantasies:”

Gives us a lens to see the world in a startling new way. Help us to see our lives not only as they are, but as they could be (or perhaps should be). It touches us in their most signature way by how we experience their endings : that are sudden, shocking, joyful, sad, adventurous that washes over us in the miraculous grace  which is

Grace of LIFE..!!!’

Just so true..Gemini

Drew WilsonGeneral Personality Gemini is often striving to integrate socially while also striving to break away from societal authority. Despite being very outspoken, they are not the most rebellious sign. They simply revel in their individuality, and value their own personal freedom above everything else. When they need to be around others, they will make…

via Everything You Need To Know About The Gemini In Your Life — Thought Catalog

Gloomy Night and the Shining Star

“And the same night again,” She whispered in her mind, pitch dark sky and the dusky clouds. The city lights appeared to wane in front of inky sky.The people and animals scurried to the comfort of their homes while the trees swayed with the wind.The stars were hidden behind the fluffy clouds.The sky engulfed in a never ended blanket of pure emptiness.

It had been few months now that she shifted to a new place for a better job. She kept on working all day long like a clock.Every Day while returning from work in evening, she wandered along the streets, she used to see a mob of people chitchatting and laughing.For her this was just a dream, having some friends in an unknown city. While she missed her home, she kept on recalling old memories. Her life was filled with emptiness and pain. Even though she had a good job and place to reside,there was something missing.

While she recalled her old days, she stood right at the window and kept on gazing the sky for hours and hours. For her it was a sleepless night, a night which was filled with bed of loneliness and despair. All alone in her spacious and extravagant flat she kept on searching for something in sky to fill her sadness.

Somewhere deep inside her heart, she had a belief that this night was different. Even the dullest sky gave her hope.She kept on chasing sky in hope of a shining star.
She somehow wanted to come out of loneliness. She felt as if the sky and stars
would fill her life with happiness and gratitude. And this hope made her determination firm and she looked at the sky without blinking her eyes.


Her hope did not turn into despair , a bright star popped out from the shaggy cloud.
Seeing this, her face shined up, it appeared as if the brightness of star had lightened her face. She realized how a small hope and inner belief changed the way she looked at her LIFE. She suddenly felt like the city was all her, the sky which once was filled with emptiness was now a reason of her happiness. The bright star and the sky suddenly added a meaning to her life, she started loving her work and found the place to be the most interesting one. Her emptiness blew away like a storm and there was now everything that she loved. She became a kind of girl who was now crazy about her life and she realized this is all what she always dreamt off.

Even the darkest sky changed her Life to a Brighter one.


Stay Hopeful and Keep trying .. 🙂

Love your LIFE , for Miracle can happen any time when you least expect it to happen.


Somewhere down the lane… we’ll meet again…

Today is the day, when we have parted ways. I still can’t digest this but I think this is what destiny wants from us. I know you think I was all wrong when we were together. But all I can say is even I have a heart that beats, that weeps, that speaks, that cares…

I am in situation where

I walk but I don’t know the path where I would end up,

I eat but seems like my taste buds are dead,   

I cry but I have no one to hear it,

I sleep but I feel my sleep is scrappy,

I shout but still my voice is unheard,

I am in huge mob but still I am alone.

I wish I could explain you for why I have changed. Yes, I agree I was wrong many a times, but trust me that was just a bad situation. It’s not only me who has done mistake, every human does. We humans are here to do mistake and learn, and so have I learned always.

The journey that we shared had many ups and downs but still we tried, tried and tried. You know love is like a magic, and this magic did happen to me. But suddenly the magic got carried away with the cyclone. The wind blew away my mind, I realized I was all wrong the way. I felt I was running from the ugly truth. I felt I was cheating on my responsibilities. At one point of time I suddenly realized I had to grow up. And this was the time when I started becoming tough. It’s not like I dint care for you, but my mind turned listless. For I was tough from outside but my heart sobbed a lot. I could not express what I felt. I knew my attitude made you hate me. I know you still hate me and henceforth you will.

The bridge of life has killed the child inside me. You might be thinking what your fault in all these was, but even I have no answer for it. I just don’t want you to hate me, for you are the only person that knows truth inside me. I want you to be my pillar and not hater.I can’t run away from either of things, but you know how my life is. This is how destiny works. Saddened part is you feel that loss is all yours, but it’s not so. Now when we have parted ways, I really don’t want you to take me wrong anymore.

There are times when we feel person is wrong but what I believe is situation is wrong. Understanding someone and sacrificing needs a big heart, I know it’s difficult but you hold a very big heart. You are a person of delight and compassion, you are caring and sorted. I know you can’t harm me for you are the person who had loved me from to and forth. So did I but it was deduced wrong by life.

Trust me when I say even I have sacrificed, but I carry a weak heart. A heart that is no longer capable of speaking or expressing.A heart that can’t no longer be stupid, i know it’s late but how can i cheat on my responsibilities. I know you compare with rest of the couples in world, but understand for my case is different. Don’t hate me for I am not wrong. Time for us is to be bold enough and face the ugly truth. I know you might think it sounds easy to say but I feel time would heal if we allow destiny to route our life. 

For i know you still have negative vibes for me, but trust me this is not easy for me too. I didn’t know it would end up this way. If i had known it earlier i would not ever scrap your life. For I am not your enemy,but  I am your well-wisher. I trust the Great Almighty for he will fill your life with all my good wishes. You deserve much better and Life will give you beautiful surprises along the path for i have asked Almighty to do so. 

You know our life is like a circus ring and our ring master will make us meet somewhere down the lane. Relation might change but at the end we will meet again. 

Last but not the least:

“You and I will meet again, when we are least expecting it. One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won’t say Good Bye my friend for you and I will meet again”