I am a human.
I am not a writer , I am not a preacher but yes I am someone who is in love with Life. I believe we are gifted the most beautiful thing and that’s : Life. We are fortunate enough to write down, to share, to speak what we think about. So,Lets Start..
My blog would always speak about how we humans route our Life.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the recent follow on my blog kandacechadwell.wordpress.com. Recently I moved my site over to a self-hosted one so my new website is kandacechadwell.com. Pretty much the same just without WordPress in the address. I hope you will follow me there and sign up. I wanted to try and put a note on my old site directing others over but still have not figured that out. Maybe I will just post something so all can see it there as a standing page. Thanks again and I look forward to getting to know you at my new site.



  2. Thanks for the recent follow! Please note that I’ve moved my site over to a self-hosted website: you can find me at jadicampbell.com. i look forward to seeing you there. All the best, Jadi


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