I am a human.
I am not a writer , I am not a preacher but yes I am someone who is in love with Life. I believe we are gifted the most beautiful thing and that’s : Life. We are fortunate enough to write down, to share, to speak what we think about. So,Lets Start..
My blog would always speak about how we humans route our Life.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the recent follow on my blog kandacechadwell.wordpress.com. Recently I moved my site over to a self-hosted one so my new website is kandacechadwell.com. Pretty much the same just without WordPress in the address. I hope you will follow me there and sign up. I wanted to try and put a note on my old site directing others over but still have not figured that out. Maybe I will just post something so all can see it there as a standing page. Thanks again and I look forward to getting to know you at my new site.



  2. Thanks for the recent follow! Please note that I’ve moved my site over to a self-hosted website: you can find me at jadicampbell.com. i look forward to seeing you there. All the best, Jadi


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