Somewhere down the lane… we’ll meet again…

Today is the day, when we have parted ways. I still can’t digest this but I think this is what destiny wants from us. I know you think I was all wrong when we were together. But all I can say is even I have a heart that beats, that weeps, that speaks, that cares…

I am in situation where

I walk but I don’t know the path where I would end up,

I eat but seems like my taste buds are dead,   

I cry but I have no one to hear it,

I sleep but I feel my sleep is scrappy,

I shout but still my voice is unheard,

I am in huge mob but still I am alone.

I wish I could explain you for why I have changed. Yes, I agree I was wrong many a times, but trust me that was just a bad situation. It’s not only me who has done mistake, every human does. We humans are here to do mistake and learn, and so have I learned always.

The journey that we shared had many ups and downs but still we tried, tried and tried. You know love is like a magic, and this magic did happen to me. But suddenly the magic got carried away with the cyclone. The wind blew away my mind, I realized I was all wrong the way. I felt I was running from the ugly truth. I felt I was cheating on my responsibilities. At one point of time I suddenly realized I had to grow up. And this was the time when I started becoming tough. It’s not like I dint care for you, but my mind turned listless. For I was tough from outside but my heart sobbed a lot. I could not express what I felt. I knew my attitude made you hate me. I know you still hate me and henceforth you will.

The bridge of life has killed the child inside me. You might be thinking what your fault in all these was, but even I have no answer for it. I just don’t want you to hate me, for you are the only person that knows truth inside me. I want you to be my pillar and not hater.I can’t run away from either of things, but you know how my life is. This is how destiny works. Saddened part is you feel that loss is all yours, but it’s not so. Now when we have parted ways, I really don’t want you to take me wrong anymore.

There are times when we feel person is wrong but what I believe is situation is wrong. Understanding someone and sacrificing needs a big heart, I know it’s difficult but you hold a very big heart. You are a person of delight and compassion, you are caring and sorted. I know you can’t harm me for you are the person who had loved me from to and forth. So did I but it was deduced wrong by life.

Trust me when I say even I have sacrificed, but I carry a weak heart. A heart that is no longer capable of speaking or expressing.A heart that can’t no longer be stupid, i know it’s late but how can i cheat on my responsibilities. I know you compare with rest of the couples in world, but understand for my case is different. Don’t hate me for I am not wrong. Time for us is to be bold enough and face the ugly truth. I know you might think it sounds easy to say but I feel time would heal if we allow destiny to route our life. 

For i know you still have negative vibes for me, but trust me this is not easy for me too. I didn’t know it would end up this way. If i had known it earlier i would not ever scrap your life. For I am not your enemy,but  I am your well-wisher. I trust the Great Almighty for he will fill your life with all my good wishes. You deserve much better and Life will give you beautiful surprises along the path for i have asked Almighty to do so. 

You know our life is like a circus ring and our ring master will make us meet somewhere down the lane. Relation might change but at the end we will meet again. 

Last but not the least:

“You and I will meet again, when we are least expecting it. One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won’t say Good Bye my friend for you and I will meet again”


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