Life is so Precious..

The world around me has apparently changed since last few days. What i saw, what i felt was never such before. My perception for Life has changed. Before all this realization, like every other human being even I used to curse my fate for things that never used to turn out in my favor. There were times when i even thought of ending this all and running far away. But, now I realize behind all those complains, pain and sad moments I was and I am already bestowed with the most valuable gift and I call it : LIFE…

Today when I sit back, my mind recalls of many incidents. From all, an incident took place that made me realize how wrong i was taking my life.

Few days back, person close to me suffered from the greatest loss – loss of a dearest  family member. I can’t even imagine for how painful their days might be.Even if today i wake at midst of dark night, my heart sobs for the loss. Their life has completely trembled, with each passing day the pain is getting deeper and deeper in their hearts. For our destiny is never in our hands, as an individual we just have to accept and move ahead with our beloved one’s memory. It sounds easy to say, but i know it’s difficult to accept.But above all this, I believe, Heavenly God will give them strength and fill their lives with freshness.

After this incident,my mind keeps on dwelling in few thoughts.There are times when our destiny ends and times when we ourself end it. Although when the thread of life ends on own, we can never connect it back. This pain is going to live deepest scar in our life, no one can fill up for the loss. In such situation we have no option rather to accept and live on with our loved one’s memory.


What about…

Times when we ourself try to end our Life, we can always pause for a while and think. Why do we think about all bad things that happen to us and why not recall all that has happened good throughout the journey. No one of us would always have a sound going life. There might be  span of days, when things would not work out well  but above all this, one day the faded flower is going to blossom.One day all our pain is going to flee away.Heavenly God has designed something better for us and he is soon going to open his cards.

All this reminds me of a beautiful thought :

Life asked Death : “Why do people Love me but Hate you”?

And to this

Death responded :”Because you are a Beautiful LIE and i am a Painful TRUTH”..

Think twice about this.. and you will start loving your life 🙂

Cherish the gift (“LIFE”) bestowed on us by great Almighty as the gift is very precious..





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