A Heartfelt letter from a Daughter to her Father.

To the First LOVE of my Life – My Dad…

Dad, from holding me in your arms and making me walk you have always been around me. When I think about my childhood, I hardly can recall few memories but still my face lights up with a sparkling smile because I know I was always given more than I deserved. 

Dad today if I stand in this world it’s all because of your support and your confidence in me. I still remember how you stood beside me, when I struggled to gain my balance while learning how to ride bicycle. By the time when you realized I was able to balance, you insisted to remove those training wheels. And when I rode perfectly without falling, you jumped up in glee and shouted “Yay! My baby you did it”.

Dad, i know i was not an easy child to deal with. My all demands from a small chocolate to the most expensive doll were always fulfilled. You were the person, who always saved me from getting punished even if I was wrong. On my 12 Boards you were in fright more than me. I still remember how you continuously chanted prayers for my board results. And when the results were out, you happily told about it to everyone. When I was on the cusp of choosing a career, you held my hand and told me to do what I wanted to. I was not even strong enough to think about my career but it is you who guided me in the right direction.

I remember first time when I stepped out of your shelter for graduation, you guided me so well with all norms of the outside world. At that time, I know I just disregarded all your advice. I was in my teen, and was just so excited to enjoy the new phase of life. But soon I realized taking your advices lightly was my stupidity. The day I got my first job, I remember you proudly telling everyone about it even though it wasn’t a fancy one.

Dad, I could not even realize how my innocent childhood turned into fright. With passing years, I now can understand how difficult it is to survive in this world. There are people in this world who always hold their eyes on me, they always try to let me down, they wait for me to fail, they try to suppress me, and they try to break my confidence. But above all this I know there is one person in this world who can save me and it’s you, DAD.

The journey of my Life would never had been on right track if you did not ride it. Dad today I won’t wish for something but rather I would request you – “Dad, hold me tight enough, save me from the world, for I,  your daughter, does not want to grow up anymore”. I still want to be your little cranky daughter. All I know is I just want to be in your shelter. I know you are the only one person who would be beside me when this world would wave off. Your one look gives me confidence to face this world, your smile flings my tears away, and your warm hug makes me feel secured.

You were, you are and you will be my Prince forever. I always want to be Apple of your eye. Don’t let your daughter go away, for she is nothing without you.


Your Princess


3 thoughts on “A Heartfelt letter from a Daughter to her Father.

  1. Hey! You’ve been nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD! You can check the bottom of my latest post for the rules and the questions you’ve to answer. Cheers.


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