Rule your FEAR..

By human nature we often fear from many things, may it be fear of height, fear of darkness, fear of relations ,  fear of failure,  fear of speaking truth and many more. So what this fear is all about ?

Fear is just an imaginary concept that keeps rolling in our mind. We often fear for things which might not even happen in real.It’s because of misconceptions for a situation. We always suffer either about what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow. So basically,our suffering is always about that which does not exist, simply because we are not rooted in reality.The moment we use fear to protect our life, we lose the ability to experience life.When we are fearful, we fail to sense happiness around us.

Fear restricts our life. Due to it, we build boundaries around us. We always try to play safe in the game of life.But in search of escaping from fear and playing safe we often forget to live the charm of life.We try to run away from reality.We build imaginary concepts in mind. May be it’s not that fear is always imaginary, but unless and until we don’t try to rule it, we cannot escape from it. Fear is just a product of devil mind.We suffer because in mind we constantly dig our past and start imagining it into future.We don’t actually know anything about future. We just take a piece of past, apply makeup on it and think it is the future.
If God would have feared while creating this world then we won’t have been here. Think about it. So the only thing is to trust ourself , whatsoever might be the situation we have to  be prepared to face it.At a moment in stage we must decide whether we have come here to live our life or to avoid it.If we are here to live our life then we have to break the bars around us. Only we ourself are the ruler of our life, so don’t let anyone else take it away from us in name of fear. At the most we will die, nothing more. At least we would learn to live before we die because anyway we will die.We can plan our tomorrow but we cannot live in our tomorrow. But right now we are living in tomorrow and that is why there is fear. The only thing we can do about this is, come down to reality. If we just respond to what is there right now and not imagine something that does not exist, there would be no room for fear. We will not imagine something that does not exist, we will respond to what exists right now.
Dwell your mind with positive thoughts. Learn to face everything and rise above it. Be ruler of your LIFE.

Take every chance and kick your fear away.


4 thoughts on “Rule your FEAR..

  1. Fear has paralyzed us, frightened us, demons told us to stop in our tracks, but hope pushes us forward, but people and situations, that have put us in fear one day if gone through the same feeling, would they be able to survive? We are, but would they too?


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