Magical Feeling : Love

Love I desire…

To the love I desire often fantasizes me and leaves me with a tint smile.
It makes me feel shy, it makes me feel secured, it makes me possessive, it leaves me with goosebumps.

Far away from the noisy world, I discovered a whole new world. The first beam of sunlight flashed across the sky. The green grassland appeared like a green ocean. Chirping of birds created a melodious harmony. I suddenly felt a tender touch on my hand.Butterflies rolled in my stomach.My heart pumped fast like it never pumped before. To my glance I could see YOU. I could see your smile. I could feel your affection towards me.

Holding my hand, you took me to a  world free from rabble and heebie jeebies. We walked in the deep forest, silence everywhere and just two of us. Indeed the most pleasant walk with you. The light breeze rolled hair over my face. You gazed at me and gently waved off hair from my face. My hands turned icy cold and the world paused for a while. I never felt such before.By then, I knew i was in Love with you. I could feel happiness everywhere. I could hear violin playing in my heart.Everything seemed like a fairytale.


Suddenly the brash street woke me up. Ah!! I realized it was just a Dream.

You are still a dream for me but my heart races fast when I think about YOU.

Love is fantasy,
Love is adoration,
Love is endearment,
Love is passion,
Love is sensation,
Love is devotion.

Love is a pleasant melody that would play in real one fine day…


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