Helping Hands

Is helping the needy good? Is lending money to the poor good? We all have different perceptions about it.

Sometime before even I was in dilemma . I use to think Why do people don’t work? Why do they beg? Why do they just waste their Life?

One beautiful morning I finally dumped all the thoughts. I could actually summarize the concept of Helping the Needy.

A night before that beautiful morning I experienced something that actually changed the way I used to interpret things. The moon under siege by stars seemed to lighten the night bringing forth stars that shone and hung in the blackness.Ice cream parlour by the roadside stood open with few people in the parlour. A beautiful middle-aged couple walked by the street.The lady carried a small canister along with her. As they walked by the street an old lady approached the couple begging for some food.

The old lady was a woman in the Autumn of her life. Deep wrinkle lines. There was strength and wisdom in her emerald eyes and a proud carriage shown in her jutting jaw line.The kind lady immediately opened her canister to serve the poor old lady. The canister contained some pieces of fruits, seeing it a ray of HOPE was seen in the old lady’s eye.
The poor old lady did not have any vessel to carry the fruits. Both of them started looking around the street for some vessel.Just before their search would have turned into despair, a teen-aged girl approached the couple. She gave them a plastic box to serve the old lady.

The old lady’s face sparked like a bright shining star. The middle-aged couple was delighted to serve her.At that moment some pieces of fruit meant the world for the old lady. I believe Almighty had sent the young girl and the couple to serve the old lady.The old lady bestowed blessings on the couple and the young girl.
As written in Bible: “Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor.”
No one is poor and no one is rich in this world. We all are Children’s of the Almighty who wants us to be like a Family.The great Almighty has served some of us with a fully filled lavish platter and some with a part of it. He wants the fully served ones to share a part of theirs with others.

Some times even giving a penny to the Needy means a lot to them for ‘Kindness is the virtue of humanity.’ If you think giving money to the needy would always encourage them to beg again then serve them with some food rather than lending some money.

For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore Almighty command us to ‘Wide open our hands to our brother, to the needy and to the poor, in our land.’

Whenever you see some one in need, stop for a while and serve them in whatsoever manner you can for “God wants us to serve them.”


2 thoughts on “Helping Hands

  1. When allah, God gives a human something does he differentiate, or what he wants to do, so who are we to judge?


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