Impulsive, Cranky, Grumbling, Decisive, Delighted, Unsatisfied and many more describe how we human’s are. 

With the fast growing Life, we humans have almost lost the act of being calm. We react before we think. I wish the growing and advanced Technology would have helped us to gain patience. But this is not something which others can do for us. Mental balance is something which is all in our hands. 

We Human’s are believed to be the most grumbling creatures on Earth. We fear to be happy, We fear to take decisions, we react before we think and all such actions lead us to an unhappy soul. I believe if we are patient enough to trust our destiny then things would automatically be in our favour. Try to Analyse, Think and then Act. 

The first thing to be happy is to Stop Complaining for things that we don’t have and to be Happy for the things that we have.The more we complain the more negativity we spread around. Sometimes we have to just lock our mind(The Devil Thought processor). At the end, it is all that Destiny has planned for us. We have to believe that the Darker sight is always followed  by a Brighter One.

Be Self-satisfied. Be Calm.

At the end SMILE.. I believe Smile is the Mirror that can reflect Good things Inside You, so keep Smiling at situations that are in your favour or not in your favour .


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