A Heartfelt letter from a Daughter to her Father.

To the First LOVE of my Life – My Dad…

Dad, from holding me in your arms and making me walk you have always been around me. When I think about my childhood, I hardly can recall a few memories but still, my face lights up with a sparkling smile because I know I was always given more than I deserved. 

Dad today if I stand in this world it’s all because of your support and your confidence in me. I still remember how you stood beside me when I struggled to gain my balance while learning how to ride a bicycle. By the time when you realized I was able to balance, you insisted to remove those training wheels. And when I rode perfectly without falling, you jumped up in glee and shouted “Yay! My baby, you did it”.

Dad, I know I was not an easy child to deal with. My all demands from small chocolate to the most expensive doll were always fulfilled. You were the person, who always saved me from getting punished even if I was wrong. On my 12 Boards, you were in fright more than me. I still remember how you continuously chanted prayers for my board results. And when the results were out, you happily told about it to everyone. When I was on the cusp of choosing a career, you held my hand and told me to do what I wanted to. I was not even strong enough to think about my career but it is you who guided me in the right direction.

I remember the first time when I stepped out of your shelter for graduation, you guided me so well with all norms of the outside world. At that time, I simply disregarded all your advice. I was in my teen and was just so excited to enjoy the new phase of life. But soon I realized taking your advice lightly was my stupidity. The day I got my first job, I remember you proudly telling everyone about it even though it wasn’t a fancy one.

Dad, I could not even realize how my innocent childhood turned into fright. With passing years, I now can understand how difficult it is to survive in this world. There are people in this world who always hold their eyes on me, they always try to let me down, they wait for me to fail, they try to suppress me, and they try to break my confidence. But above all this I know there is one person in this world who can save me and it’s you, DAD.

The journey of my Life would never have been on the right track if you did not ride it. Dad today I won’t wish for something but rather I would request you – “Dad, hold me tight enough, save me from the world, for I,  your daughter, does not want to grow up anymore”. I still want to be your little cranky daughter. All I know is I just want to be in your shelter. I know you are the only one person who would be beside me when this world would wave off. Your one look gives me the confidence to face this world, your smile flings my tears away, and your warm hug makes me feel secure


You were, you are and you will be my Prince forever. I always want to be Apple of your eye. Don’t let your daughter go away, for she is nothing without you.


Your Princess

Rule your FEAR..

By human nature we often fear from many things, may it be fear of height, fear of darkness, fear of relations ,  fear of failure,  fear of speaking truth and many more. So what this fear is all about ?

Fear is just an imaginary concept that keeps rolling in our mind. We often fear for things which might not even happen in real.It’s because of misconceptions for a situation. We always suffer either about what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow. So basically,our suffering is always about that which does not exist, simply because we are not rooted in reality.The moment we use fear to protect our life, we lose the ability to experience life.When we are fearful, we fail to sense happiness around us.

Fear restricts our life. Due to it, we build boundaries around us. We always try to play safe in the game of life.But in search of escaping from fear and playing safe we often forget to live the charm of life.We try to run away from reality.We build imaginary concepts in mind. May be it’s not that fear is always imaginary, but unless and until we don’t try to rule it, we cannot escape from it. Fear is just a product of devil mind.We suffer because in mind we constantly dig our past and start imagining it into future.We don’t actually know anything about future. We just take a piece of past, apply makeup on it and think it is the future.
If God would have feared while creating this world then we won’t have been here. Think about it. So the only thing is to trust ourself , whatsoever might be the situation we have to  be prepared to face it.At a moment in stage we must decide whether we have come here to live our life or to avoid it.If we are here to live our life then we have to break the bars around us. Only we ourself are the ruler of our life, so don’t let anyone else take it away from us in name of fear. At the most we will die, nothing more. At least we would learn to live before we die because anyway we will die.We can plan our tomorrow but we cannot live in our tomorrow. But right now we are living in tomorrow and that is why there is fear. The only thing we can do about this is, come down to reality. If we just respond to what is there right now and not imagine something that does not exist, there would be no room for fear. We will not imagine something that does not exist, we will respond to what exists right now.
Dwell your mind with positive thoughts. Learn to face everything and rise above it. Be ruler of your LIFE.

Take every chance and kick your fear away.

Impatience is Vice,Patience is Virtue

At different stages in Life, we crave for different things. We endeavour to achieve. At times, we even fail. But the question here lies is :

Do we always see this failure as another step of success?
Do we take it in a positive way?
Do we fear to attempt again?

Perhaps answer to this might vary.
Some dig in to find the root cause and thereby improve to achieve it.
While others rather than finding the cause of failure turn greedy. Here is when we lose our state of mind. The greed of something often leads to impatience. Impatience can rather be called fear. It may be a fear of failure or fear of losing something/someone. Fear sometimes provokes a person and at times the person even steps back. Here is where we need to work.

Fear, Impatience, Frustration, Greed all such feelings might swirl in our mind. Sometimes even small conversations with a person might agitate us. Even if the conversation ends in real still in mind we start pondering about it.

As rightly said ‘A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of Regret.’

To accept what’s happening requires huge efforts. It’s not always that we might not acquire what we want. But when such an unfavourable situation occurs, we just have to be patient enough to overcome it. For everything that happens, happens for a reason. It is going to be fruitful one day if we learn to lacerate it.
We always have two ways to deal with it: Either to WAIT or to MOVE on. If we are confident enough that waiting for it won’t ever lead to impatience then we should always go with it. Sometimes waiting for desire leads to pain. And pain often leads to eradication. When a person is hurt, he either takes revenge or hurts himself. This does not mean that we should not attempt to achieve your desire. But we should always set a limit for till when are we going to strive for it. When the limit is crossed, the wiser step would be is to MOVE on.

We can’t hold anything forcefully in our fist. If it is ours than somewhere we might get it back but if not then there’s always something better holding for us. We just have to give our best efforts and be ready to accept whatever comes on the way.

You don’t drown by falling in water. You drown by staying there.
Be strong enough to Let Go and Patient enough to wait for what you deserve.

Magical Feeling : Love

Love I desire…

To the love I desire often fantasizes me and leaves me with a tint smile.
It makes me feel shy, it makes me feel secured, it makes me possessive, it leaves me with goosebumps.

Far away from the noisy world, I discovered a whole new world. The first beam of sunlight flashed across the sky. The green grassland appeared like a green ocean. Chirping of birds created a melodious harmony. I suddenly felt a tender touch on my hand.Butterflies rolled in my stomach.My heart pumped fast like it never pumped before. To my glance I could see YOU. I could see your smile. I could feel your affection towards me.

Holding my hand, you took me to a  world free from rabble and heebie jeebies. We walked in the deep forest, silence everywhere and just two of us. Indeed the most pleasant walk with you. The light breeze rolled hair over my face. You gazed at me and gently waved off hair from my face. My hands turned icy cold and the world paused for a while. I never felt such before.By then, I knew i was in Love with you. I could feel happiness everywhere. I could hear violin playing in my heart.Everything seemed like a fairytale.


Suddenly the brash street woke me up. Ah!! I realized it was just a Dream.

You are still a dream for me but my heart races fast when I think about YOU.

Love is fantasy,
Love is adoration,
Love is endearment,
Love is passion,
Love is sensation,
Love is devotion.

Love is a pleasant melody that would play in real one fine day…

Helping Hands

Is helping the needy good? Is lending money to the poor good? We all have different perceptions about it.

Sometime before even I was in dilemma . I use to think Why do people don’t work? Why do they beg? Why do they just waste their Life?

One beautiful morning I finally dumped all the thoughts. I could actually summarize the concept of Helping the Needy.

A night before that beautiful morning I experienced something that actually changed the way I used to interpret things. The moon under siege by stars seemed to lighten the night bringing forth stars that shone and hung in the blackness.Ice cream parlour by the roadside stood open with few people in the parlour. A beautiful middle-aged couple walked by the street.The lady carried a small canister along with her. As they walked by the street an old lady approached the couple begging for some food.

The old lady was a woman in the Autumn of her life. Deep wrinkle lines. There was strength and wisdom in her emerald eyes and a proud carriage shown in her jutting jaw line.The kind lady immediately opened her canister to serve the poor old lady. The canister contained some pieces of fruits, seeing it a ray of HOPE was seen in the old lady’s eye.
The poor old lady did not have any vessel to carry the fruits. Both of them started looking around the street for some vessel.Just before their search would have turned into despair, a teen-aged girl approached the couple. She gave them a plastic box to serve the old lady.

The old lady’s face sparked like a bright shining star. The middle-aged couple was delighted to serve her.At that moment some pieces of fruit meant the world for the old lady. I believe Almighty had sent the young girl and the couple to serve the old lady.The old lady bestowed blessings on the couple and the young girl.
As written in Bible: “Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor.”
No one is poor and no one is rich in this world. We all are Children’s of the Almighty who wants us to be like a Family.The great Almighty has served some of us with a fully filled lavish platter and some with a part of it. He wants the fully served ones to share a part of theirs with others.

Some times even giving a penny to the Needy means a lot to them for ‘Kindness is the virtue of humanity.’ If you think giving money to the needy would always encourage them to beg again then serve them with some food rather than lending some money.

For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore Almighty command us to ‘Wide open our hands to our brother, to the needy and to the poor, in our land.’

Whenever you see some one in need, stop for a while and serve them in whatsoever manner you can for “God wants us to serve them.”


Impulsive, Cranky, Grumbling, Decisive, Delighted, Unsatisfied and many more describe how we human’s are. 

With the fast growing Life, we humans have almost lost the act of being calm. We react before we think. I wish the growing and advanced Technology would have helped us to gain patience. But this is not something which others can do for us. Mental balance is something which is all in our hands. 

We Human’s are believed to be the most grumbling creatures on Earth. We fear to be happy, We fear to take decisions, we react before we think and all such actions lead us to an unhappy soul. I believe if we are patient enough to trust our destiny then things would automatically be in our favour. Try to Analyse, Think and then Act. 

The first thing to be happy is to Stop Complaining for things that we don’t have and to be Happy for the things that we have.The more we complain the more negativity we spread around. Sometimes we have to just lock our mind(The Devil Thought processor). At the end, it is all that Destiny has planned for us. We have to believe that the Darker sight is always followed  by a Brighter One.

Be Self-satisfied. Be Calm.

At the end SMILE.. I believe Smile is the Mirror that can reflect Good things Inside You, so keep Smiling at situations that are in your favour or not in your favour .